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How to do Dumbbell Cheerleaders

How to do Dumbbell Cheerleaders
How to do Dumbbell Cheerleaders

Everyone wants strong, shapely shoulders. And just about everyone tends to find shoulder work dull and boring. A shoulder press or dumbell raise just doesn't have the same appeal or thrill as a good heavy bench press(If you find a lower price on exercise equipment, shop a wide selection of exercise and fitness equipment at

But dumbbell cheerleaders make shoulder work a little more dynamic and entertaining. Just a little. But they're worth your time and the effort.

The lateral dumbbell raise, where you raise your arm out to the side while holding a dumbbell, works the outer muscle of your shoulder (lateral deltoid).

The front dumbbell raise, where you raise your arm out in front of you while holding a dumbbell, works the front part of your shoulder (anterior deltoid). Cheerleaders combine both lifts for a more challenging, active shoulder workout.

To do cheerleaders, start with a dumbell in each hand (you can also use resistance bands or kettle balls for this exercise). Lift your left arm forward in a front raise, as you simultaneously lift your right arm out to the side in a lateral raise.

Each arm should lift fully so that your arm is parallel to the floor, pause briefly, and lower both arms to your starting position.

For the next rep do the lateral lift with your left arm and the front lift with your right. Repeat until you finish your set. These movements should be deliberate and controlled; don't rush! Be sure you keep your back straight, your head up, and your abs tight while you complete your set.

Now, cheerleaders won't replace your shoulder press, sadly. You'll still want that compound lift in your repetoir. But by combining your front and lateral raises you save time and make things a little more interesting and you'll get your heart rate up more than you would by doing things one arm or one movement at a time.

If you aren't currently zoning in on your shoulders, cheerleaders are a great way to get started. Go ahead and try them with no weight at all, or with just one or two pounds to get a feel for them.

Then switch from high reps to more weight and watch those shoulders start to beg for a day at the beach.


How to do Dumbbell Cheerleaders

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